53+ Animal Crochet Pattern Ideas ! Awesome HandiCraft Patterns!

Animals are always a fun choice if you are looking for something new to crochet. You can do it in two dimensions (flat) or in Amigurumi style (3d). You can embed them as patterns in larger projects, for example. In blankets, or make the animal the star of the show. You can crochet animals that look realistic or animals that look like cartoons. You could probably hook an animal every day for the rest of your life without always exhausting the possibilities offered by animal hooking. Here are some of the best animal hook designs to start!

You can crochet a variety of different animals using the free and alphabet-inspired animal print by Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me. They are flat animals, some of which are normal animals (C means cat, D means dog) and others more unique (iguana, jellyfish, viper). This is one of the best collections of free crochet patterns.

In Sarah’s Repeat Crafter Me application pattern game mentioned previously, “E is for the Elephant” and it’s one of the free samples included in our elephant crochet collection. Roundup also includes various types of elephants, including the patterned pattern shown by Nifty Mumzy and Tamara Tamara bookends from Moogly. So many beautiful ideas here!

Crochet teddy bears are certainly one of the most popular pet hook options. Who does not want a little teddy bear lovingly hug? They are great gifts for people of all ages and are unique as a baby’s first gift. The cuteest of us is Sleepy Bear by Squirrel Picnic, who has an excellent storybook with crochet (with motifs) called The Big Acorn Race. This is just one of ten free teddy bear tutorials from our previous resume.

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