44+ Gorgeous Amigurumi Crochet Pattern HandiCraft Ideas

A cute crochet bunny evokes a smile on her face at Easter. Plush rabbits of all sizes can make great gifts for the little ones. Crochet rabbit hats for the first family pictures of Easter in spring for baby. Bunny Egg Cozies, Bunny Bunting and other Bunny Decor will bring life to all your Easter celebrations. These fourteen Easter crochet patterns all represent rabbits in one way or another; Choose the one that best suits your style and go hook!

With this pastel hook pattern, you get two models in one. Outside, a striped Easter egg that you can use to decorate inside or outside Easter baskets. Flip the egg over and you will receive a precious little Easter bunny. The template also contains instructions on how to prepare a crocheted chick in its own egg with your crocheted rabbit.

The first thing every child needs for Easter is a basket. There are many ideas for crochet easter baskets, and some of the best incorporate the rabbit into the design. This free crochet basket model is a simple and robust model, perfect for egg hunting. The ears meet to create the handle of the basket.

Crochet Easter eggs to decorate your eggs, whether you have painted them or not. These may be complete hulls that cover the entire egg or hook, as shown here. This free template is a simple illustration of the ears of a hare.

Rabbit hats are a wonderful piece to crochet for Easter. Their drooping ears make the base hat for the holidays a very special event. This one has a cute face that is easy to do. The crochet pattern is available in seven sizes so you can create a pattern for all members of the family. It’s perfect for following large groups on an Easter trip. If you put everyone upside down, you will easily recognize your own group in a crowd.

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