38+ Amazing Crochet Amigurumi Patterns, Handicraft Patterns!

Personalize each doll or other doll with their own crocheted clothes. You can create patterns that resemble those that your child wears, which allows him to live a “mom and me” experience with your doll. You can crochet patterns that reflect your culture, your company, or your beliefs. As a result, Barbie is tailored to your family’s style, without affecting your child’s love for the doll. Crochet doll clothes do not use a lot of yarn, so they are a great way to consume the remaining yarn from your stock. Make an entire wardrobe with doll clothes or crochet Barbie. Start with these eight free crochet doll models.

Emi Harrington on Ravelry offers a set of six models of crochet dolls to download for free. This set includes a cape, a shrug and a skirt and three accessories: a hat, a hood and a handbag. You can crochet them in different colors and create a beautiful Barbie wardrobe.



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