38+ Adorable Amigurumi Crochet PAttern Ideas for Handicrafts

Squirrels are pretty little creatures. They frolic around courtyards and gardens and parks, on trees and through bushes. Some people perceive them as parasites, but most people will not deny their worship. Crochet squirrels have all the kindness (and some) without the “parasite”. Here are nine free squirrel hook designs that will fill your life with delicious energy.

It’s no surprise that the squirrel picnic is the best source of squirrel hook designs. In fact, Squirrel Picnic has a crochet book titled The Big Acorn Race that tells a squirrel story while sharing crochet squirrel motifs. Author and designer Jennifer also offers us this free crochet squirrel motif on her blog, and it’s a great place to start creating squirrels for the first time!



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