36+ Cute Amigurumi Bear Crochet Pattern Idas ! HandCrafts!

Teddy bears are the classic gift that can shine every day. Teddy bears receive babies at birth, children who sleep in their own room, teenagers graduating from high school, Valentine’s lovers, mothers and grandmothers at Mother’s Day … as well only girls and boys, men and women for no reason. These fifteen adorable teddy bear crochet designs will be your gift if you have someone for whom you can do something special (and they are also great for donations to hospitals and children’s charities!)

So often, teddy bears are used to cuddle while you fall asleep. Therefore, this sleeping bear is the ideal crochet pattern for teddy bears because it is also sleepy!

Children can feel safe with this bear by their side – and you want to take it with them when they grow up and go to college.

Spouses of the military can also take advantage of this to keep the bed warm during the partner’s deployment. Sleepy Teddy Bear is so adorable!

In the message containing this free crochet teddy bear pattern, you will also find pictures of other crochet bears that the designer has made over the years and that can serve as inspiration for your own projects.

This little bear has so much personality! Moreover, you can adapt it to any occasion. The one shown here is designed as a Valentine’s Day bear (or a bear for someone you love in any season!). The small red touches in the ears and feet are almost as gentle as the optional blush on the cheeks. Plush crocheted scarves of different colors to make it even more cute!

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